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Needs To Insert Roxio Cine Player Disc

Denise Josette


After installing the Roxio easy VHS to DVD CD, I could not activate the program as a window keeps stating I need to insert the CD with Roxio cine player... I have had this request several times before when trying to watch a web DVD, but I did not realize I needed this program to run the VHS to DVD.. Nothing about this was indicated in the reviews or on the package. Do I need to purchase YET one more program?

Thank you for any help.


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No version of V2D comes with CinePlayer…


I would guess that you have or had, an OEM version of Roxio on your computer such as the Dell 10.3 OEM???


That version includes CinePlayer.


Need to know your computer Operating System, the OEM Version and the Version of V2D.


THANK YOU !!! I had the old Roxio Creator 2009 still in the system...your suggestion made me look around and sure enough: I had forgotten to uninstall....SHAME on me!

Removed that old Roxio and proceeded with V2D...works like a charm. Wanted to view the result on the TV to be able to tell you MERCI again, most sincerely. Denise Josette

PS I also have a disk Roxio Easy CD & DVD burning (program install this CD)...cannot recall if it came later, and what should I do with it???


Truly appreciate your help so successful and prompt.

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Easy CD & DVD Burning (the Red Box) is a very simplified, cutdown, program that does a little bit of everything and NOTHING really well… :(


Creator 2009 would be great, only it does not work with Win7… If you have XP or Vista it could replace V2D for capture and be a full fledged Editor!


If you need more than V2D for editing and creativity, shop around for Creator 2011 ;)

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