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Happy Holidays



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I video'd this video at the Bellagio Hotel Casino at their Conservatory/Atrium. A Holiday theme.


What camocrder did you use? Did you use any special procedures? Any other details on Creator use that you would like to share?

The slow motion is a good touch especially with the spurting water. I think I saw Bum Phillips in one shot! :blink:


Thanks for posting that. This is the YouTube link should anyone want to watch full screen and HD.


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Thanks for your comments.


This, by no means was a major motion picture production. :-)


I used Fujifilms' 3D W3 camera. Used Roxio 2011 entirely. Simple edits, and yes, slow motion for effect of the water display. It would have been better if I had used a tripod, but in that public environment a tripod would get in everyone's way. I did try to pan slowly. The camera records video in 24p and any normal and fast panning would blur and look jerky.


Since Roxio 2011 won't (a bug in the software) let me upload directly to YouTube, I export to AVCHD 1280x720 24p and then to to YouTube and upload that file.


For those who would like to create still 3D with great clarity, you can use your existing still digital camera and take two (step a few inches to the side for your next shot. If your subject is 30 feet away, step a foot or more away) separate (only scenic images work since moving object will eliminate your intent) images and link them within Roxio's still image 3D software.


I'll be going to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in three weeks and I'll report back as to anything new in the field of 3D capture devices.

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