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Including Audio Tags



I have compiled a CD of tracks ripped from commercial CDs and privately recorded ones.


These have been burned as wav files.


On my hifi and car CD player, the track names of the commercial files are displayed, but this does not occur with the privately recorded ones, despite the fact that the "audio tags" are entered in exactly the same way on each file.


I have run out of ideas. Could anyone help?

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When you recorded the discs did you check the box for CD-Text?


That's what gets read with an Audio cd.Plus you need to have a player that will read CD-Text.


Yes, the box for CD text is checked.


The CD player reads the text from first 20 tracks (the ones ripped from commercial CDs) but not the remaining ones, which are originals, yet every entry for the first 20 tracks has a corresponding entry for the final ones.

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I've now discovered that the critical point is not the origin of the files, but the number of files.


The text information is displayed perfectly for the first 20 recordings on the CD, but nothing appears for any subsequent ones.


I have tested this by switching the recordings around, and by trying the CD on different players - one in my hifi and one in the car.


Can anyone offer an insight into this?

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It's probably a design limitation in your players. I have DVD players which perform similarly.


I don't think it will be a recording software limitation, but you can check for that by playing the disc in a software player such as the free HACP player, which is available on a zillion sites on the Web. Here's one picked at random.


It's a safe, small, player which will read CD text off your disc. If it reads more than 20 tracknames then you know that they were written to the disc okay.

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