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Mp3 Very Soft Music, Loud Hum



I'm a new user for easy LP to MP3, using a Sony Walkman cassette player through the headphone jack to the Roxio gizmo to the USB port. I figured out how to listen to the cassette while I am recording via the line out jack and headphones. The music sounds fine. When I recorded, the volume levels look good (maximum near 50%, none clipping out). When I play back in Roxio both in the initial record screen and after cleaning the music file, the music sounds good.


BUT after I export as MP3 good quality, the MP3 file is a loud hum with the music very soft in the background. It sounds like the old 60 cycle hum that you used to get with audio systems that weren't properly grounded.


Playback is in Windows 7, music library, clicking on the file and starting play with whatever unidentified program popped up in the little square, probably windows media player.


Can anybody help?


Thank you!

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It may or may not have a bearing, but EMC 9 is NOT compatible with Windows 7


Howver, if you just want to feed audio to a computer, connect the output from the source to the Line In socket on the computer (a patch lead with 3.5 mm stereo plugs at each end is the norm) and see if that improves the quality any.


This wil not make a difference if the computer plays back the original file tho

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Try turning down the volume on the Sony and adjusting it with the software.


Also make sure that the cord you're using that goes from the Sony to the Roxio device is plugged in all the way,especially on the Sony end.


It sounds almost like you're only getting one channel coming through.

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