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Suggest Hd Camcorders For Best Output



Hello. I have been using a Sony Digital 8 camcorder (DCR-TRV460) now and previously used the Video 8 format with a Chinon camera but it would no longer record. For the most part I have been pleased with both formats, particularly when compared to the lousy VHS format. My major complaint with my Sony Digital 8 is that I have been getting some major motor noise. So I am considering eventually buying another camcorder. I have been playing with my sister's Panasonic SDR-H80 HDD camcorder. I have to say that this camera does not seem to produce a much better picture than my older Chinon video 8 which I have mostly used and converted all 25 hours to DVD successfully. I was able to download the mpeg files from the Panasonic camcorder to my computer and create a DVD with Roxio 2010 fairly successfully using Videowave and MyDVD with the mpeg files. But like I said, I was not enthusiastic about the results converting those files to DVD. I guess I was expecting the quality to be so much better, unless I am expecting too much. She did use the highest setting of XP. From reading a number of articles, some still seem to prefer the mini-DV format. Has anyone had good results with any of the camcorders that uses a hard drive? At least one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, as they say. I did like the ease of use by just using those mpeg files. It made me wonder if some hard drive camcorders use Avi. They certainly have enough space. Any thoughts on this subject is appreciated. Reading articles on line doesn't seem to help much.

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Built in Memory or removable Cards is the only way to go these days...


No moving parts and you simply copy the files onto your PC and use them. My Canon has 64 GB on board and slots to hold 2 more SDHC cards.


Only drawback is they are all formatted with FAT32 so in LONG continious recordings the 4 GB file limit is reached and it has to close out a file and start a new one. There will be an Audio Bump at that point.


Depending on your recording quality levels, this could be 20 minutes to an hour when this happens.


But HD compared to SD is a No Contest! If you are outputting in BD or AVCHD (1920 X 1080) you can't possibley compare that to SD :huh: If you are shooting in HD and downgrading it to SD why would you have any reason to expect to to look better than SD?

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No doubt, go tapeless. I did and never looked back. Thats where the tech is leading video production anyways.


I`ve a Canon Vixia 200, and have been pleased with it`s quality. The new avc formatt,recording to .mts files is easy to work with,and Roxio seems to handle these files with ease.


One thing you may want to think about from a budget point of view. Many cameras with internal hard drive have a less expensive companion camera, that lacks the internal hard drive and simply records to a card. Other than that, it is exactly the same camera, and you save quite a bit of money over the internal hard drive models. Many times, buying "last years" model is also a good way to save. "This years" model is often just a remake of the same camera, with an added bell or whistle, and you`ll find the older model heavily discounted.


If your interested,you can see some of my HD work done with Roxio and the Canon Vixia by visiting my website www.camochairproductions.com and checking the "Now Playing" section.

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