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Menu Background Does Not Display On Blu-Ray Project



Has anyone run into the following problem:

- create a Blu-ray project in MyDVD 2011

- add the necessary movies to the menus that were previously created in VideoWave

- change menu background to a photo that you have saved on disk

- burn project to disk (save it to a disk image)

- playback the ISO file on CinePlayer (equipped with the Blu-Ray Playback plug-in), and voila, the changed menu backgrounds show up as black screens.


I have done the above hundreds of times while on Creator 2010 and with no problems. Even when I play the project while inside MyDVD, I do not see this happening. Only after burning to disk on 2011 and playing it on Cineplayer. Has anyone seen this? and do you have a suggestion?

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I have. My project consists of multiple sub-menus, each submenu has a different background photo. Non of them displays except for the one on the main screen (first menu screen). I have also noticed that when you burn an ISO image to disk in 2011 it runs at least twice as fast as the 2010 version. This is why I prefer to move to 2011. I'll keep trying though. Thanks

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Got it! I had to re-convert all of the original Videowave 2010 files using VideoWave 2011 and rebuilding the DVD menus in MyDVD. Once you move to 2011 you have to start all over with 2011 tools.


Most projects files from one version of Roxio are not compatible with a new version. I have found it best to complete all projects in the version I started them. In most cases you have to start over again in the new version as you have discovered. This is one of the major complaints about Roxio versions.

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