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Burn Problems Mp3 Disc In Creator Classic

lynne r


I have EMC 7. I copied mp3 files into creator classic wanting to burn an mp3 cd. As I added the files they didn't stay in the order I wanted in the "Disc Project" window. I read that I should change the order by accessing the "playlist" which I did and that list appeared to stay in the order I wanted it to. I was concerned because no matter how much I changed the playlist to the order I wanted the songs to be burned in, the disc project window never followed suit. And when I burned the songs to a disc, they burned in the unwanted order of the disc project window.


There must be a way to burn a disc in the order I want them... please tell me that is so and how I might go about having that happen.


Anybody know about this?

Project disc list.pdf


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When it really matters is if you use a player that doesn't use the playlist.


If your player(s) do then the discs will play in the order of the playlist.

If the player doesn't then they will play in the order they were burned.


So it doesn't matter the order they are burned what matters is does your player use the playlist.


But doing what they said will burn the disc in the order you want.

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