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Need A Topic On Easy Lp To Mp3


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Hi All,


I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to find some info. about Easy LP to MP3 before I decide to buy the package.

I'm really interested about how the supplied USB box and cabling connects with my Denon stereo equipment and then to my desktop PC.


Perhaps someone could kindly offer some advice how to get this up as a Product Topic in the first place and then perhaps some uasers of the package could give me some advice as to how it all hangs together.


Any assistance will be most welcome.


Best regards,

Ken :rolleyes:

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Hi Ken,


As a quick answer, the Roxio USB Capture device accepts a line-level audio signal. So, assuming you have a good turntable, with a magnetic cartridge connected to an amplifier/receiver, you would switch that to the Phono input, then run a cable from the Tape-out jacks on the back, to the USB device's RCA connectors. You need to use the preamplifier section of your stereo system to boost the signal from your turntable, and to apply the RIAA equalization.


If you don't have an amp/receiver with a phono input to use, then you'll need to purchase a phono preamp, available from many places (I believe Radio Shack still sells one) on-line, and connect that between your turntable and the USB capture device. If you go this route, I strongly recommend getting on that has a volume control knob built into it.


Hope that helps!



Dave D-W

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