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Bad Program ?

Tom Gray

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Hello Mr Gray,


This is a support board hosted by Sonic/Roxio, but manned by users who try to help each other with problems. It is not manned by Roxio staff, although there is an Administrator who keeps things seemly on the board.


Some of the users here have been round longer than most, and are called gurus not because they have magical moderator powers [which they do] but because they've often been around long enough to help you with a problem you're having - if you tell them in enough detail what the problem is.


So now that we know where and who we are, Happy Christmas and please tell me what the problem is.


Please tell me what "this program" is [full name and version number] and what you're trying to do or what's not working for you. I can then get this topic shifted into the proper forum and we can get down to helping you.




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Please also remember that some Windows built in tools were designed by Roxio. Trying to uninstall them may delete some of the basic functions of Windows.


Also check your spam folders for return e-mails from Roxio.

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