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Another 'no Video Signal' Dilemma



Hi, I purchased this program today, and I have been having problems from the start. I installed the program before plugging anything in and once I plugged my VCR into my computer (Windows Vista) and pressed play, the screen stayed black and the 'No Video Signal' popped up, but I have audio. I read some of the other posts in the forum, but I really don't understand the computer talk. Can someone please walk me through the steps of what I need to do in plain English? If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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First you could tell us what version of the program (Easy VHS to DVD) that you are running. Next how exactly do you have the cables hooked up between the VCR and your computer. (What output ports on the VCR and their colors) and also how and where you have the cables hooked up to your computer. Normally there are three cables (Red, White audio and yellow video) that should be inserted in the "OUTPUT" ports on the VCR. And then these same cables hooked up to the USB Capture device and then into a USB port on your computer (best on the back of your computer directly off the MB).


Best to open the program first and make sure the computer program "sees" the VCR. Then start the VCR first (this is with all the cables hooked up) and then click on the record button.



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