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Can't Get It To Work



Just received the Easy VHS to DVD software as a gift, and I cannot get it to work.


Easy VHS to DVD Software Version: 1.2.198 SP2;

Running on a Dell Inspiron w/ Intel dual processor (T6500 @2.10GHz), Windows Vista Home Premium v6, SP2

I verified that I have both drviers installed (Roxio Video Capture USB and USB 2861 Device)


I am trying to capture video from a Sharp Camcorder (Hi8), using composite video. I have the camcorder connected via the A/V cable, with the connections going into the USB device using the yellow/red/white connectors. When I go to the Capture Video option, I see "no signal" in the status field even though I have changed the options to "Composite". When I go to the Plug and Burn option, I am able to get to the capture screen. When I play the video (from my camcorder) and select Capture, I hear the audio coming through, but the screen remains green. After 5-6 seconds, I get an error message and then it stops capturing.


I am trying to save my daughter's baby videos - I know that the Hi8 tape is degrading, and I wanted to get them copied to DVD so we had them, even though the audio and video is a bit messed up. Could this be the problem?


I am at a loss. I thought this was going to be easy to set up and use, and I'm very disappointed. I've already spent 5 hours trying to get it to work, and I'm ready to try to return it because I have no clue what I am doing.

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That version has been out of production for almost a year now… It was a very good version, Win7 compatible and with a real editor!


It sounds like a weak signal… Some things to check are to make sure your camcorder is running on AC power and not it’s battery. Same for your PC if it is a Laptop.


Plug the Roxio USB device directly into your USB port and don’t use the extension cable. Try some different USB ports on your PC!


As an independent test, connect a DVD Player to it and see if that works.

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