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Loosing "native Audio" Trimmed Video Clips



I have been using VIDEOWAVE for making slide and movie shows for many years (before it was part of Roxio), but now I am having a major problem with a large project , involving 37 movie clips, colored panels with text and “extracted” movie images with text. The specific problem is that after two movie clips, panels and extracted images……………….the sound in the movie clip reverts back to the beginning of the video!

I have attached the following sequence I am using:

Note: I begin with a title page, then use the same transition throughout the entire 92 minute show. Following the title, is the same pattern: Beginning with a “trimmed” video of 1-4 minutes in duration. The videos started as a typical AVI file , but were then modified in “GOM Encoder” to add the English subtitles (all work very well to show a movie with sub titles,) Next is a color (red panels, above) panel with text , which identifies the subsequent “extracted image” from the preceding video clip. This image runs only 10 seconds. Then the sequence begins over again: with a trimmed movie clip, a color scene introduction panel and an extracted image.

I have documented my video trimming; beginning on the same timing number that the previous scene ended on. For example: Scene #12 ends on 28:32:00 and scene #13 begins on 28:32:00. Could this be a problem? Should I overlap the trims: starting some time before the ending of the previous scene?


I also put AUDIO BACKGROUND into the title page and all extracted images. I thought that perhaps this was the cause of my problem, so I tried the following: First, I edited the audio clip to be slightly less time than the slide (under 10 seconds. It had previously been over 30 seconds). But my same problem continued. So, then I removed all of the 37 AUDIO BACKGROUNDS and the problem still remained.


My reasoning for the above actions is that there appears to be something happening before the trimmed clips that makes them mis-perform. For example, if I go to trimmed clip #15 and play it, all is OK; the native audio starts and ends with the clip. But when played in sequence, the problem persists.


I welcome your comments regarding a solution.

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