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Pal And Toast



First Toast post here. I am attempting to import Mini-DV video from a tape recorded in PAL format. I'm playing the tape on a Sony Handycam and can see and hear the tape great on the camera. Attempting to import onto my Mac, using the appropriate DV to Firewire cable to iMovie 2009. I changed the Video Preference on the Mac to PAL, still does not seem to recognize and import in the video. At least I don't see it. I also have Toast 10 on my Mac. Is there a way using Toast and/or iMovie to import and convert this tape. My goal is to convert it to NTSC and burn it to DVD.


- D

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Toast should be able to recognize your DV camcorder via Firewire and import the video directly similar to iMovie. Choose DVD video as the setting in the Video window and connect the camcorder.


You'll want Toast Preferences set to NTSC. The conversion from PAL to NTSC will occur when you have Toast make a video DVD disc image or DVD disc.

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