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I just got Roxio 2011 Creator for Christmas and was trying to play with it this past weekend and found a couple of things I had questions for. Can you convert a dvd into an mp4 to view on an iPod/iTouch using it? Whenever I loaded a dvd into the program a 'padlock' symbol would show up and I could not get the OK button to become accessible.


Do you have to buy the 'upgrade' to be able use your own music and additional backgrounds for photo slideshows? It gave me access to about 6-8 backgrounds and 6 songs, but would not allow me to use anymore unless I paid for the upgrade. Is that correct? I thought I registered it, and from what I heard was paid for the gift thought that would be available.


These may be questions answered in the program but just haven't had the time to find them as of yet and would appreciate any help anyone can provide.



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It works better if you supply some details when you post. You left out the name of any program you might be using and there are about 30 different ones in the Suite :o


It is illegal to make any copy of Copyrighted material... Thus commercial DVD's are out!


Only exception would be the extra disc that is included with some Movies but it installs a special program and only works through that program.


Several programs make ‘slideshows’. Without specifics, cannot answer you.


Of course you can add your own music and it can be in many formats… Again without the specifics, can’t really help.


Post some more details and someone shoud be able to answer your questions or make suggestions that will help you along.

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Ok thanks for the heads up on the dvd issue. Was hoping to convert them so I could watch them on my iTouch but oh well!


I am a big novice on this stuff so not sure what other info you were referring to. It is a laptop running Windows XP home edition. I have made slideshows with Windows Movie Maker, but was hoping the 2011 Roxio Creator would let me do more of a polished job. But when I went to add my own music I was not able to, or to pick one of the additional 'themes' they offered. Would be music in either an mp3 format or aac.


Hope that's what you meant info wise.

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