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Video, But No Audio, On Dvd



I have Creator 2011 and transferred my first VHS tape to DVD today. The picture and full audio was there while recording the video, and I figured this was pretty easy. But when I tried to play the DVD back later, there was a picture, but no sound. I did a test with the "record, edit and save" mode, rather than burning straight to dvd, and again have no audio on playback, even though it's there during the recording process. The sound-meter functions fully while recording, so I have no idea why it's not reading that onto the DVD. What's going on? Thanks for any insight that can be provided . . .

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I have the same problem and looking at your answer for Windows 7 doesn't help me. I am using XP and Roxio 2011, so the options don't show what Windows 7 does. Any more help?


Did you look in your recording Volume control settings in your XP...they will look a little different. I don't have XP installed on my computer or I would post some pics for you..............maybe another user can help.


It will look similar to this:


post-68-092914800 1293917695.png

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Sooo you don't have Creator 2011 software at all?


Did you do any playback before burning?


Locate the file and double click it. Is there audio?


Lastly have you tried the DVD on other Players or your PC?


Thanks for the reply, Jim. The first time I tried this, I recorded straight to DVD. The sound was there while it recorded, so I assumed it would go straight to the disc, as well, but it didn't. I've tried the DVD both on our computer and on our home DVD player and there's no audio on either. I've since done some test files by recording and saving, and there's no sound on playback with those, either, though it is there while I record. It's got me scratching my head. None of the five videos I can click on have audio.

The computer is a newer HP laptop with Windows 7. I'm using the Roxio Creator special edition 2011, purchased at Costco, with the Roxio video capture USB included.

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