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How To Watch A Bluray Movie In 3D With Nvidia 3D Vision



Howdy all , I got a new 120hz LCD for Christmas and the new NVIDIA 3D vision kit , I upgraded my CinePlayer with the BluRay Plugin and can't seem to get the NVIDIA vision set up properly to work with my new Resident Evil Afterlife BD.


I have:


installed the latest WHQL driver set for the 3D kit , 260.99


tested the 3D with all the med tests and demos , it works great!!


played a game in 3D for a few hours without issue , BF BC2 Viet Nam looks awesome!


fully charged my glasses


set CinePlayer to enable 3D processing automatically


set it to "active shutter 100hz or higher display" (because I do not see any NVIDA settings)


started the movie , made sure it says 3D at the bottom right


tried the setup with the 3D Red/Blue glasses and that works but I don;t like the washed out colors.


I CAN watch and adjust DVD's in NVIDIA 3D with no issues





Have I missed something??


any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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I think you are the first kid on your block to have this setup :lol:


You might want to contact Nvida as well, I am sure they have been troubleshooting this since it hit the shelves ;)


Did you try any of the other settings in Cineplayer? Often the 'Logical' one is not the right one...


post-39730-001676500 1293801249.jpg


Please keep us up to date on your progress!

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Ok this is what I thought , the sales page should be changed though because it's just not clear as to what BluRay support this program has.


Funny though as I'm not disappointed as I suspected this might be the case , I will just buy my BluRays in 3D as most of them come with regular BluRay disks and they aren't that much more. AND I am happy that my hardware is working as it should , that makes me happy as the 3D part of of it is new and I was really making sure it all worked as advertised!!


Now I will go watch some of my DVD's in 3D , I think I'm going to start with Lord of the Rings Return of the King...special extended edition.



Customer Support writes:

Dear Robert


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care


Cineplayer BD only supports playback of 3D conversions of bluray movies. The product you have is working as it should be and is unable to perform the tasks you wish.


If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your web ticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive.



(name ommited)http://support.roxio.com


Have you tried our online self-service tools?

Knowledgebase - http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx



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Howdy Jim , Happy New Year!


Actually I have tried the Active Shutter and the Line Polarized and neither worked in BD , the Active Shutter works in DVD's just fine , all the setting (depth etc.) are there and work as advertised , I'm not sure if my monitor is actually going into 120hz though , it must be for it to be working in DVDs and games though?


And I tried the Red/Blue (non-nvidia) and it worked in DVD's as well , I will try that in BD and see if that comes up , I just got home form work and gotta do a honey-doo er 2 so I'll try a bit later.


thanks for the hlpe/suggestions!!


PS: I did post at the Nvidia forums and Guru3D forums as well but haven't contacted NV support yet.

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I have contacted support on this issue , this thread can be deleted OR I will be glad to update it after I have worked the issue with with Roxio Support just in case someone else has the same issue.


as an update , so far they (support) sent me to this page:




and I already have this program , see pict:




now , I am trying to find out if there are 2 versions of CinePlayer BD that converts 3D.

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well then I too am sorry , but I didn't write the game code.


I understand your pain as I was just in between the 60's war and 80's cold war times , but I lived it with family and others , and therefor I thank you for your dedicated service to our country.


You must however understand that I and the people , EA , that published the game are not your enemy. I belong to a gaming clan that has nearly 50 members and almost half are veterans , including some currently deployed and some that just got out of conflict.


I DO NOT take war games lightly but I do enjoy the freedom that is the result of many of the wars and conflicts , because for the VERY many...thats what they were...and are about.


May Peace find you my friend , Happy New Year and from my fmaily and me....all the best.



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No Rob, you are missing cd’s remarks entirely :rolleyes:


If you had said you were playing a game that let you drive a ’66 GTO, I might respond with Too bad you didn’t get to drive the real deal…


Bought mine from an LT who got orders to Viet Nam… Sold it when my orders came down 2 months after that – ink was still wet on the Title :lol:


You do understand what a JOKE is right :D:lol::D


Happy New Year my friend! ;)

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Yes I do get jokes and if I knew this person and he knew me he either would have never had said that to me the way he did OR he would have and I would have responded by calling him a SOB and we would have had a jolly laugh.


BUT because cdanteek has never talked to me in person and knows NOTHING about me and I nothing about him than actually sadly no I never saw this as a funny joke , I take war and politics and military service very seriously and just because I like to game doesn't make me oblivious to what war really is like or what it means not just to those who fight and serve but to everyone it effects. And lately am so used to getting some unwarranted response from people angry about one thing or another that has nothing to do with why I post on the net/forum/blog in the first place , I guess its just been happening wayy to often lately.


And to be totally honest with you and everyone else that reads this , it keeps me from posting anymore at many places that I have been a member of for 10 years or more. sometimes I read posts and forums for hours before posting because if I can find an answer without diving into the e-comunity myself I'll do that rather then have someone , who has NO idea even who I am , in same way shape or forum , backhanded or not , try to belittle me or put me down.


Quite frankly I think I have just gotten tired of it and it has made me frustrated , if total stranger walked up to me at a party or on the street and had said that to me toe to toe I would respond this same way nose to nose , so now I just do respond in kind on line.


Now , Add that to the fact I was hammered last night and I guess I just read it wrong...lol :D


thanks for clearing this up Jim , I am now off on a quest to find answers to my problem as I tested the glasses/3D stuff last night again and it works perfectly except for in the BluRay. I wonder , to use this feature with CinePlayer does the BluRay have to be made in 3D? because my DVD's are not and they work fine.

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