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Sonicfire Pro

Jim Haswell


The first time I tried to run Sonicfire Pro after install, I got the error message: "Smartsound detected a problem that requires you to restart Sonicfire Pro and run it as administrator".


Roxio Support had me verify I was logged in as windopws administrator - even create a new user as administrator. They then gave me special procedures to uninstall everything and then re-install - after hours doing this it didn't fix the problem.


I managed to find the resolution - and now it seems obvious.

So if you get the above error message, do the following:


1) Right-click on the Sonicfire Pro icon

2) Select "Run as administrator"

3) Enter Sonicfire Pro Serial Number (from back of disc case).


This should be added to the install documentation somewhere.


I like Smartsound music generation, having used it for years with Pinnacle Studio before they dropped it for their own version (and I don't like their music as much). I had also previously bought "Across Boarders" music to use with our trip videos - very good. A couple days ago I bought two more albums with their $33 per album sale.


Sonicfire Express edition is available for free, but to purchase the Pro edition from them is $99. So I was pleasantly surprised it came bundled with Roxio Creator 2011 Pro - and that wasn't why I chose to buy it either :-)


Have fun,


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