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Audio From Q3Hd Converted To Mpg2 Not Working



Hello, I have Creator 10 suite and have uploaded a video with audio form a Q3HD video recorder. It asked that put quicktime on my computer which runs on Windows 7, I did that. The video comes up without sound when loaded into Creator 10 "Mydvd" project. I converted the clip to a mpeg2, still no sound. My other excerpts on the same project do have audio. Help!

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I found how to solve the problem with the conversion. I downloaded this free program called "Tiny Media Converter" and converted the MOV files (that the Q3HD imported) into a mpg file with mp3 audio, then I could take the files and use with my Roxio/creator 10 suite with sound and picture. The Tiny media comes with a bunch of "fluff" add ons that I deleted after it was loaded.


All is good in the island hood!



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