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My Very Own Topic

E Reed


OK, I got started fine. Even saved 3 VHS tapes to my computer.

Noticed as it was transferring, the audio was jerky and slightly

lower in pitch. Women sounded like men and mens voices were very deep

sounding. Burned the files to seperate DVD's, and the same thing.

Am I doing something wrong ? Not going to do any more until I can

find a cure or fix.

Computer is a laptop made by ASUS. One year old with Windows 7.

Oh yah, the tapes playback perfect on my TV.




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Sounds like your PC is the problem, please list your specs like I have in my signature block.


Thanks for the reply Jim


Computer is as follows/


Model ASUS notebook K4OIN/K5OIN

Pentium Dual Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10 GHz

4.00 GB of RAM

64 bit operating system






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HDD free space???


Defragged lately?


Your Lap seems pretty good for this but any background programs combined with a fragmented HDD can drag it to its’ knees.


Didn’t see anything about your Video Chip in your specs…


C drive (OS) 64.9 GB free of 116 GB

D drive (data) 293 GB free of 334 GB


Laptop is not used very often, as my desktop is the machine I use.

Laptop is only in use when I leave home for more than a few days

which is not very often.


Not being very computer savy, i am not sure where or how to look

for Video Chip info.




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Nothing jumping out…


Most laps dont have 2 drives :glare: Is your D:/ drive an external?


If so, you should avoid using it for Capture as they often cannot keep up. It is OK to move the captured file to it later and then to work off of the External. But during capture it is critical to have nothing slowing down the data stream.


Along those lines, try another capture… Make sure you defrag the C:\ drive and shut down other programs during capture.


Also change the default, File Preferences Render, to Software:


post-39730-026333600 1294139691.jpg


If you have some DVD RWs, they are great for testing!


Be sure to include that info that cdanteek was asking for to make sure we are not overlooking something ;)

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In W-7 right click the desktop, left click Screen Resolution, left click advanced settings, opens the Adapter tab.


Post the Adapter string and Dedicated Video Memory..



Thanks for your help, and your patience with me.


Dedicated Video Memory is 512 MB

Adapter String is GeForce G102M




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