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No Audio *while* Capturing Vhs Video



I don't hear any audio *while* capturing a VHS video file using Roxio Video Capture. Is that normal?


I do have my USB plugged into the front of my hard drive but don't know if that has anything to do with it

since the DVDs turn out fine, complete with audio.


I would like to hear the audio during VHS capture so I would know approximatley when some of my tapes are about to end.


Most of my tapes are home made from seminars and training sessions so I don't know how long they are timewise. Can anybody help? Or is it that you just don't hear the audio while capturing the video?

Thanks for any help on the subject.

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Couple things to check…


Make sure you did not Mute the Audio in Capture:


post-39730-093354900 1293975123.jpg


Right Click your Speaker Icon and select Record or Playback: post-39730-034624200 1293975127.jpg


Check both to make sure nothing is turned off there:


post-39730-021971900 1293975125.jpg post-39730-066012300 1293975126.jpg


Another Right Click on the Speaker and look at the Volume Mixer to make sure you don't have Capture turned off:


post-39730-005205000 1293975369.jpg


Let us know how that works out for you.

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I have checked all the things you have suggested adn still have no video while capturing video from my VCR. The video works fine but there is no audion.



In you 1st sentence you say "no video", then in the 2nd sentence you say "The video works fine but no audio".


Which is it no Video or no Audio?.


Tell us how you have got your VCR hooked up to your USB device.


Try a quick test by hooking up a DVD player instead of the VCR.

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