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How Do I Turn Off "lookup Information" And Gracenote When Ripping Cds?



I convert a lot of CD's to wav files. Every time I load a new disc I get an annoying pop-up box that says "No lookup information has been found from the Internet. Would you like to submit information for this disc?"


How can I turn this annoyance off? Even on commercial CD's it never brings up the correct artist or title, so it is pretty much worthless. In addition, when loading a CD the Gracenote icon comes up, and causes a delay in loading. Once that is done, the stupid "No lookup..." box comes up. If programmers want to add such worthless annoyances, why can't they at least offer an option to turn them off?

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Try this:


Using the Roxio Home app instead of using Rip try using Rip-Advanced.

Then hit settings and uncheck the 2 boxes below where you can change the destination that say "Look up".


I tried it and when I unchecked those boxes the disc came up as unrecognized.

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