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Flawed Edit Function - Titanium Pro



I'm running Toast 10 Titanium Pro (2.0.8) on a MacBook Pro with 20 GB free space. I'm importing digital 1080 footage shot with a Canon 5D Mk2, creating AVCHD to play back on a Blu-Ray player. When editing video within Toast 10 Pro, the User Guide explains how to select the footage you wish to burn, much like QuickTime allows a user to edit a file, setting markers to denote when the footage will start and when it will stop. The user guide states the following:


The video between the start and end marker (the lighter blue) is

included on the finished disc at recording time. The area outside of the

markers (the darker blue) is excluded from the finished disc.




Anything in "light blue" will NOT be burned to disc. Any footage that falls within "dark blue" WILL be burned to disc. This is only true when you have used the triangle markers to set "in" and "out" points. If you do not attempt to edit the footage it will burn without an issue. If you've attempted to edit a 60-sec file, trimming 5-sec's from the start and 10-sec's from the end, you should technically have a 45-sec video. Again, Toast 10 PRO has this backwards and your individual file length will show that you're actually only going to burn a 15-second video of it (5 from the front and 10 from the end)


The workaround: To edit footage, set your triangle markers with "in" and "out" points to denote the footage you do NOT want to include in the final burn. You can set more than 1 marker within a single file. Thus, if you wanted to trim 5 seconds from the start of your video file and 10 seconds from the end of the same file, set your first marker to :00 and :05, then set your last marker to start at :50 and end at :60. Toast will only burn what was left between these two marker sets.


I don't know if this is the same issue with burning onto a Blu-Ray Disc.

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