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Program Hangs While Trying To Copy And Convert Video



Hello -


I am having a issue with the Copy and Convert Video portion of Roxio Creator 2011. I am able to import video from my Tivo recordings but when I try to trim the video, I can watch it if I hit the play button but as soon as I try to edit it with the slider buttons or the trim button, the application hangs and I am forced to shut it down via the task manager.


I believe I meet the minimum system requirements for video editing. Can someone tell me if this is not the case?

Dell Optiplex 170L

Intel Pentium 4 - 2.80Ghz

2 GB Ram

O/S - Windows XP SP3


There are a couple of other issues I noticed as well.


I tried just copying and converting a Tivo recording without trimming. While it appear to finish successfully, when I went to play the DVD in my DVD player, it said there was a problem with the DVD. The DVD player I have is an LG BluRay/DVD player from this year that is capable of playing all formats.


I also tried to preview my video prior to recording (this is a second attempt). The video I got after was super fast, as if someone had sped up the video and audio 100%, making is look like a Benny Hill show :)


Any ideas as to how I can fix these problems? I'm really anxious to start using this software but I've had a few problems out of the gate with it. I realize my computer is quite old. If the solution is to purchase a new desktop that is definitely an option.

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