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Cannot Retrieve Data From Backup Dvd



I have a DVD on which I backed up a large amount of data using Roxio 7 Creator Classic ("Copy files to disc"). I did this over many sessions, each time using "Import data from an appendable disc." From the beginning, I used Roxio encryption.


So now I need to retrieve the data. I insert the DVD in the drive and try to open Launch_retrieve.exe, but the DOS box opens and the following error dialog comes up:


The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.

CS:0587 IP:0103 OP:63 2d 74 68 65 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.


post-91090-041118400 1294150563.jpg


If I select "Close," the whole thing closes. If I select "Ignore," the DOS box locks up and I have to terminate it with "End Task."


I know the DVD is partially corrupted because if I try to copy the DVD using Roxio 7, it gets partway through and then hangs up. Also, I can copy most of the files to my hard drive, but some of them will not copy. Of course, I can't use any of these files because they are encrypted.


Also, the AUTORUN.INF file looks corrupted, though it might be encrypted for all I know.


I have tried executing Launch_retrieve.exe from the hard drive (the Roxio folder), but it doesn't look for the DVD from there.


So I have the encryption password and a DVD with what appears to be a ton of good data (maybe a couple of places that can't be read), but I cannot retrieve the data.


Can anyone help, please?

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