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Saving Clips



I am a football coach that would like to make clips of the same play from different games.


Is there a way to copy/cut a piece of the original video and save it in different project??


Also is there a way to save the video after scene detection has occurred??

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Depending on what Roxio program in C2010 you are using, yes. I suggest that you insert the different video clips in Videowave and edit the video there. You can edit several video clips that you have entered and make it all one project or make each clip a separate project. Then use it after editing. (Use the "Timeline" view when you insert the video clip).



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So add all the game footage in video wave then edit the massive file?


That is one way of doing it. :P Video Wave does have the ability to create scenes either manually or automatically. This may be easier for you. BTW, if you do decide to edit scenes, they do not change the original video so you can use it again. The scenes are saved once you do it but sometimes they are not readily visible. There is a little down arrow that will allow you to see and select the scenes you want to use.


This tutorial (link) is from an earlier version but the process if the same for all newer Video Wave (Edit Video -Advanced) versions. If you want to clean up the scenes a little more you can do it this way (link)


Have you thought about showing the right way and wrong way that the play should be run? You can do this with a color panel on the main track and the scenes on two different overlay tracks. Actually you can do 4 or more but then the display would be too small to see well.


Come back and let us know if this reduces (or increases) your work load or if you have any other specific questions.

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You could use copy/convert to trim the big file down into smaller files.


Once you have the big file imported, load the whole movie into copy and convert, then use the trim video feature(it looks like a little pencil and film clip) and slide the arrows on either end of the play bar to select the clip you want.


Then run the program to save the clip at the resolution you select, and you`ll have a file of the short clip you selected.


You can then go back and pluck out other clips, and then you can edit them together or clean them up and trim them down with videowave without having to use the whole file every time.

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