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I Tried Everything.



I always get the "Installation interrupted" error and have been trying to install with different methods for 8 hours now. Windows 7 x86 with latest updates and then some. Latest video drivers, Galaxy GeForce GTX 465, latest audio drivers Presonus Firestudio (a firewire audio device I usually disable because of device conflicts, tried disabling it no luck) Although it may be redundant, I tried switching compatibility modes, only modes I could get to work without getting the Windows version error is Vista SP1 and SP2 modes, and XP SP3 mode. No luck with any. I still get the "Rolling back installation" and "Installation interrupted" errors. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling xml versions and service packs. I did Windows Update numerous times. Anything which could be switched or altered, I have done. I turned off antivirus. Clean install numerous times, I know the serial number by heart now because I have to enter it every time. I DON'T KNOW WHAT VERSION I HAVE BECAUSE I CAN'T GET IT TO INSTALL but the box SAYS it's Windows 7 compatible specifically. In 3 different places. The UPC label does say "Rev. A" on it if that helps. I tried downloading the "update" driver but it also fails, telling me that the update does not apply to my computer and then the program stalls, I have to manually abort it with task manager. I tried troubleshooting both these problems extensively and googling for answers. I'm afraid of doing more updating and downloading at the risk of corrupting my computer for the sake of a piece of junk program that wont install. I'm glad it works for some people. I would have figured out how to install it on my computer by now. They should have called it Roxio Extremely Difficult VHS to DVD. "Just plug it in, insert installation disk, and let the stressing begin! And like magic your VHS tapes will sit idle for hours, maybe DAYS while you attempt to get our program running! We've provided the latest annoying installation techniques, with our patented interruption protocol which will drive you absolutely insane. Just when you thought it was finally going to install....ROLLING BACK! The fun never stops with Roxio Extremely Difficult VHS to DVD!"

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