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Need Help Moving Retospect Files To New Drive

dr. bob

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Hi, everyone,


I ran out of space on my old drive and want to switch to a new one. I copied over the "Backup.rbc" file and the Retrospect folder (with a "Backup Media" file and the "Backup" folder in it). But it's not working.


When I try to restore a file, it lets me choose from what's backed up, but then says it needs media. Why should it need media to restore a file? Is it remembering that it needed media the last time I backed up?


So I tried to restore from an earlier backup. But when I click "More Backups", select an earlier one, and click Retrieve, nothing happens.


When I look under Media Sets > Members, it shows "1-Backup" with its old location. I tried to edit it, but wasn't sure exactly what to do. Under "edit member", I selected "1-Backup" on my new drive and clicked Save, and in red it said "an error occurred". I couldn't find "edit member" in the User's Guide.


This is with Retrospect 8.2 and Mac OS 10.6.5.


I thought it would save some time to continue backing up to "Backup". Should I just start a new media set? Or, I keep getting frustrated with Retrospect, should I just switch to Time Machine?





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Perhaps if you'd posted in the MAC software forums you might have caught the eye of someone who knew what you were talking about.

So maybe it's my fault. But none of the Macintosh Applications forums is for Retrospect, not even Legacy Mac Products, and this thread about Retrospect in this forum was replied to, so I went with here.



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ogdens and Brendon,


Thanks for your replies. If all had been revealed earlier, I might still be using Retrospect!





Google is your friend.....if you had typed in "retrospect" earlier you would have found the same info we provided.


I don't have the product, so I did not respond on Jan 7th. and did not look at the post again till you came back on Jan 29th with your update.Remember, we are just fellow users like you.

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