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Shutter Glasses 3D Conversion , How To.



hello again ,


I am trying to take some video I captured and convert it to 3D using the DVD creator , I have NVIDIA active Shutter glasses (shown here:) nVision NVIDIA 3D and am trying to find out which settings to use to make this work. it seems that no matter which settings I use they all try to make the video 2 color 3D and not separated (see picture) roxio3d.jpg


I have the options set to active shutter but all the options make the video look like this.



Rob C


PS: please don't take this the wrong way but this is my FIRST 3D video and I am only asking for some help/input/guidance on this issue only , if you have ANY other comments , like "how stupid I must be" or "use the search button" or "you should have served in Viet Nam even though you were 10 years old" etc etc please save em for someone else...thanks!! lol

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How do you have the monitor connected?


From a review, it says "...Another thing that I’m pretty sure you’ll ask about, because the availability of two HDMI inputs, is if they will be 1.4 or not and if they can be used for feeding 3D content to the monitor? The answer to this question is no, they are not HDMI 1.4 and in order to display stereo 3D content on the LG you’ll need to use the Dual-Link DVI input on the monitor...."

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Thanks for the resonse to my post gi7omy :)


I am connected by Dual-Link DVI , the review is correct I cannot do 3D through HDMI.


I am truly stumped , I can watch the video I took by converting it "on the fly" to Shutter 3D through either CinePlayer BD or the NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player , but for some reason it almost seems as if the Roxio creator 11 Pro is not picking up that I have the Nvidia shutter glasses and I cannot create the movie in shutter glasses 3D.


I wonder if since I connected the Nvidia glasses AFTER I installed the Roxio Creator if I should do a re-install of Roxio?



and then I wonder this , if you have to have shutter glasses to watch the video anyways maybe it doesn't need to be converted? BUT I have seen 3D movies made for shutter glasses on YouTube so some program must do it.

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I am missing what you are after???


MyDVD only has 2, 3D options: No Menu, Anaglyph or RealID…


The screen cap in your first Post only sets the On Screen View for MyDVD and has no effect on the Burn output.


Is that what you are after, the On Screen view during Authoring?


It appears to recognize your Card because mine does not even show the Active Shutter option:

post-39730-003063500 1294662128.jpg


Have you tried it in VideoWave?


You are probalby going to have to work with Roxio's Tech Support on this issue :(

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Hey Jim , thanks for the input , and that is good that at least it does seem to recognize my setup.


what I am wondering is if I set it to "active shutter" shouldn't that red/green display (that is playback as I haven't burned it yet) be active shutter display? what I mean is shouldn't the preview be what I am going to get when I finalize the movie?


I guess I will hit up support again as it seems as if I'm still on new ground here , I did get an email that advertised Roxio having NVIDIA nVision support for their 3D features. and I'm not even sure that I'm doing this right or not..lol


I will take a look at VideoWave today though , that may be the problem.


thanks man

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I do have SP1 yes , and I tried to reinstall everything just a bit ago.


I tried VideoWave and it did the same thing on playback , so I figured what the heck and I burned the disk , and it was different but it still was not active shutter 3D.


See the active shutter shows for playback as shown in the screenshots above) but when you go to select the actual disk/type setings (DVD , BluRay , AVCHD..etc) for your project it gives you only 2 options , RealD and Anaglyph , neither of which is for shutter glasses. (see below)


I think this is the problem...but I could just be expecting too much at this time as the Tech is kind of newish.




I see that NVIDIA has a new beta disk for the 3D drivers that does support new 3D stuff, but the reviews so far are not good for the videocard part of the drivers , games crashing , programs not starting etc , so I'm gonna wait till a new WHQL 3D driver is released and try this again before contacting support.


thanks for trying to help out Jim!


I'm going to concentrate now on getting that CinePlayer BD to work , I'm interested to see if they have 2 versions of CinePlayer BD , one that does playback BD's made in 3D and one that actually converts them from 2D to 2D as it does DVD's.

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Well thats what we are trying to find out now , all that I can say in full confidence is , it works in ALL my games without issue , and CinePlayer BD does work Perfectly with converting 2D DVD's to 3D , it (3D) just will not kick in for BluRays.


I can hold out hope for Roxio or NVIDIA to help me solve this , and I am waiting for the New Nvidia Driver to get certified by Microsoft , I tried the new beta just a bit ago and it was no different for CinePlayer BD BUT did work well at the New nvidia site , as a matter of fact it worked VERY well at this site:




But my Windows Live email program crashed every time I opened it , so I sent a ticket in to NVIDIA and changed the driver back. :blink:


PS: this response form Roxio support is what makes me think that there may be 2 versions of CinePlayer BD:


Customer Support writes:

Dear Robert,


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care


After reviewing your notes, I understood that you would like to know if Cineplayer BD is capable of converting blu-ray movies to 3D


To resolve the issue, CinePlayer BD in 3D is the software which is capable of supporting conversion of blu-ray movie to 3D automatically. A link below will tell you the system requirement and features of CinePlayer BD in 3D




If you have any questions about the suggestions above or the issue is not resolved, please update this webticket with the steps you have tried and any additional information that may help






(Name omitted)

Roxio Customer Care




I'm am really starting to blame my monitor ONLY using the DVI for 3D support...

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