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I am trying to record from Sony 8 mm tapes using Sony Camcorder CCD-FX525. I am getting video and audio through roxio Videlo Capture USB in the Roxio Media Import. But I am also getting No Signal Status and I am unable to capture recording. I was able to successfully copy from VHS tapes using a VCR. This is the first time I am attempting to copy from 8 mm tapes.


Any ideas?



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Thanks for the follow up questions. Sony Video Camera Recorder 8 Model CCD-FX525 is an earlier Hanycam Video 8 camcorder. You will find it if you do a Google for it. It is similar to later versions but it is not stereo and there is no support for FireWire.


I have a copy of the manual (also available on the Internet) and I am connecting it as I would connect it to my old VHS recorder. There is, however, one difference. I used to connect it to the VHS Recorder using RFU-90UC RFU adapter (pin) to the VHF port (hole). It is no longer supported on TV.


The camcorder has three ports, namely, Audio OUT, Video OUT and RFU DC OUT. I use a mono to stereo cable (Sony VMC-910MS) to connect the camcorder to the Roxio's Video Capture Device on my HP Pavilion dv6-2162nr laptop. The OS on laptop is Win 7. I have no Firewire port either on my laptop or the camcorder.


The video comes out okay with occasional streaks of line. Audio quality is fine. But I get "No Signal" status on the Easy VHS to DVD application panel as the playback is in progress.


I appreciate your diagnostic insights.

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The camcorder does not show up on Sony’s site… The Manual sites I found want me to Registar to download and that is not going to happen…


If the signal is too weak, you will get a ‘No Signal’ indication from the capture device. This can be from your connections or if you didn’t record at SP quality or the tape has degraded…


You can test the USB Capture device by using a DVD Player to confirm it is working.


You can try using the DVD Player as a pass-though for the camcorder – camcorder >> DVD Player >> Roxio Capture device >> PC.

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