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Audio Sync Problems

Rodney Johnson


I'm having trouble burning a blu ray disk. The final disk plays but the audio falls out of sync as the movie plays. At the beginning its in sync. 25 min into it the audio is ahead of the picture by more than 10 seconds. The total movie is about 140 min long. I exported a .mov file from my Final Cut Pro time line. The .mov file plays on my computer just fine. No sync issues. I have a MAC book pro running OS 10.6.4


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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Exported from the timeline using export quicktime. The files in the timeline are all DVCPRO HD 720P60


I can play the file with no sync issues. When I play the blue ray, it starts in sync, after less than a minute it is noticeably out of sync.



I'm going to try exporting as ProRes422 to see what happens. It's a 110 min movie so anything I try takes a while to render and burn.

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