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Sound Problem And Additional Questions



I have installed Ease VHS to DVD successfully and was able to record/transfer one VHS tape to a DVD-R. The DVD-R plays on two computers fine - sound and picture are fine. However, when put in the VCR/DVD player (Apex ADV 3800 VCR/DVD Combo) to view the DVD - there is not sound. Picture is fine. I used the Apex to copy the VHS tape.


I saw in one of the posts it mentioned that the quality of the DVD-R used can cause this problem. The DVD-R brand I used is TDK DVD-R 1-16x speed|4.7 GB. Could this be the problem? I noticed that the Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden brands were recommended. Do you think if I copy the DVD-R disk I created to my hard drive and then copy it to a new DVD-R disk and it will work or would I need to go through the transfer process again?


Also saw in a post the recommendation that the preferred way to use the VSH to DVE program is to use "Record, Edit and Save" mode instead of the "single VHS tape to DVD". Using this mode are you able to save the file created to the hard drive and then use another program to do additional editing to the file?


Is there a Roxio program that will work with the files created with the "capture" device?



Roxio VHS to DVD

[build: 201B23Z, VHS Roxio]

[Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (Build: 201B23AENU)]



Dell - Persion 4300

Intel Core 2 Duo - CPU T7700 @ 2.40 GHz

Processor: 2.34 GHz

Ram: 4096 MB

MS Windows Professional - vs 5.12600


Thank you in advance for your response.

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Roxio VHS to DVD version is 201B23Z, Build: 201B23AENU


I followed the "transfer a single VHS tape to a DVD" directions in the book that came in the box.


I connected the Roxio Video Capture USB device as directed to my computer and the yellow, red & white cables to the Apex VCR.


I inserted the VHS tape into my Apex VCR (which is the combo VCR/DVD player) and pressed Record button.


The video appeared with sound will it was recorded. As I indicated the recorded DVD worked in the DVD players on two computers.


I attached the Apex VCR/DVD player to my TV - tried to play the new DVD recorded and it played but with not sound. I played another DVD to insure that the cables were in correctly.

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If you copy a DVD, I can almost guarantee it will not work!


I doubt the TDK's are bad, they are inconsistant in quality - depending on who is makeing them for TDK this batch...


You need to try it in another Player. Actually the 'cheaper' players tend to be more forgiving than the expensive one!


I don't really follow your steps? You mention Capture with V2D and then mention using the Apex to produce the DVD? Please clear that up, it could have bearing on this.

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