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I am running windows vista and get the same runtime errors.



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Generally Laps don’t do well with video software…


Has it ever worked on your Lap?


What is the actual version number as there never was anything called ‘Easy VHS to DVD 2009’ :o


The version is 1.1.124; 4.5013a

I also downloaded Roxio C2009USB Capture Driver - that is where I got the 2009???

No, it has never worked on the laptop as I just installed it on the only computer I have.

This laptop is used on some heavy graphic programs with no problems.

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I know, everyone thinks their Lap is great, but they lack Video Cards, relying on a Video Chip instead…


I’m not knocking your Lap, but I have 2 and neither will do good video work :( They do work though and that is what we want yours to do!


You need to go through the pinned post at the top by cdanteek which outlines an install on Vista.


Compare his screen caps to your PC.


You will also need to run through the Prep Steps, to make sure your AV or other startups don't interfere with the install.

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