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2011 Video Stabilization


I'm using a brand new Windows 7 Professional 64-bit machine with 12 GB RAM and a six-core processor. I've contacted support four times today and they all gave me step-by-step instructions, even though I told them that their instructions haven't solved this problem.


I'm trying to stabilize a video. I've tried .avi files from three different cameras over fifty times and none of them have rendered even one iota of stabilization. Stabilization was the main factor in my purchasing the software package. It just doesn't process the video stabilization requested. Roxio has been of little or no help to date.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Never used it :huh:


Maybe if you would describe, step by step, what you do, we might have a better picture.


Edit: Here is a simple test!


Add one clip in the Video Track.


Add the same clip to the Overlay Track and slide it over so that you can see the same portion of both!


With Video Track clip Selected, click on Stabilize.


post-39730-034389400 1295006252.jpg


Play and watch… Can you see a difference? Mine was such a contrast I am going to go back and redo the whole project!!! (I did it in 2010 which didnt have Stabilze)


Keep in mind that Stabilize is only applied to the Video Track... If you need it on the Overlay Track, then a different trick is needed ;)

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