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Easy Creator 6


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I wrote about my problem a while ago and am following up.

Following is my original post and an explanation of how I solved the problem.

I now have a new problem that will result in a new thread.


Posted 27 December 2010 - 06:59 PM

Hi: I have been using this product and previous Easy CD software prior to ROXIO entering it's world. I have more recent versions that I set aside because I loved this version (Creator 6). I have recently been using it with Win XP with continued success. Suddenly, bad things are happening. First I would place a new CD or DVD in my drive and get a message that the disc was "READ ONLY". If and when I got it to appear to be receiving files using "Drag to Disc" the computer would freeze up or I was otherwase unable to complete the task.

I decided to go to my control panel to remove the program so that I could re-install it. It would not uninstall. I kept getting an error message stating "can't find drive Q" I don't have a Drive "Q".

So, I just placed my Roxio 6 disk in the drive hoping to repair or re-install the program. I got the same error message and statement.

So, I tried to delete the program from my "C:\Programs directory Folder by folder and file by file. I was unablre to remove the program.

I am unable to re-install.

I fear the in the recent days or weeks I must have downloaded an update to another program that might have messed up my reliable program.

I have used all of the features of the program. Most of my video and photos have been processed using Creator 6 and Photosuite. I use the program on two computers running WIN XP. Am experiencing difficulty with both installations beginning at about the same time.

I have been using photosuite since it was the MGI product.

I must remove and reinstall my program. I have the 2009 version that will probably install but it is not what I want.Help!


Status Jan 14, 2011: Note that in my explanation of the above problem my software was looking for "DRIVE Q".

I decided to create a drive "Q" on my machine by adding Flash and other components so as to get a "Q" drive.

Once that was attained I was able to remove ROXIO and re-install it. I did that on both of my systems and both worked fine.

Problem solved however I do not know what caused the problem that required that I reinstall my software.

I've been pleased until yesterday when I tried to burn a DVD.

The software does not find my working DVD drives on either machine. Look for my new topic.

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