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Recordnow 9 Music Lab Ceased Working Today

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Today, which is the first time I've used RecordNow 9 Music Lab in about 5 days, I encountered problems that made the software unuseable.

I opened the software by clicking on the desktop icon which I always use. The software opens. Then I get a message that says "Roxio Creator has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." The message is the standard Microsoft error reporting message. The software closes & I can't use it.


Since I last used RecordNow there has been a low level Windows update & I have installed a demo version of Adobe Lightroom 3.


I uninstalled RecordNow 9, rebooted, reinstalled RecordNow 9, rebooted, & continue to have the same problem which has rendered RecordNow unusable.


Any thoughts on what has happened or why?


Is there a self-destruct timer in the software for the new year?


Is the only solution to purchase a new version of RecordNow?


Thank you for your insights.

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