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Cineplayer Goes Full Screen When It Starts Playing...



Opted for Blu-Ray plug-in when updating from 2010 to Creator 2011 Pro. Got it installed, updated, & working OK, but regardless what video it plays, DVD, Blu-Ray etc., as soon as it starts playing it goes full screen. It's manageable in XP Pro, but in win7 ult 64 SP1 RC [on dual-boot rig], if/when it can't play a video it stalls -- at that point the Cineplayer window is transparent, with no access to any other windows [e.g. Task Mgr.] or the [hidden] taskbar... CTRL + ALT + DEL lets me bring up Task Mgr to kill Cineplayer.


FWIW right now I'm running the Cineplayer plugin for Creator 2010 & that *seems* to do OK with 2011 Pro -- the Dec update brought it up to v. 5.6.2.C15 Build 561B73K, while the updated new version is [only] 5.6.C17 Build 561B73L... 3D (& the f/screen problem) seem to be the only difference.

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but in win7 ult 64 SP1 RC [on dual-boot rig],


Does that include IE9 and or are you running IE9?



I'm running the Cineplayer plugin for Creator 2010 & that *seems* to do OK with 2011 Pro


The BD Plugin for C2010 is only for C2010, same as the DB Plugin for C2011 is only for C2011.


Is this correct you have C2010 and C2011 with C2011 BD plugin installed on a win7 ult 64 SP1 RC and a XP Pro dual boot?


Under settings, general tab, the application startup window state, is it set to full screen or normal?

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I had done a clean install, and was hoping for something simple that I'd missed -- turns out I had missed turning off Enable 3D Processing [the choices are Automatic or Off]. My guess would be that they added a mandatory full-screen for 3D mode, but didn't provide an alternate branch from there to allow keeping a windowed display if you had 2D content. Regardless, for me it's now *much* more usable, & I can always turn 3D back on as needed. Probably not an issue with most people, I just frequently drag/drop files to Cineplayer to see how they look.




FWIW, I Do Not know what the full impact on shared resources & the like would be, but running just the December update for the Cineplayer 2010 BD plug-in to install it **seemed** to work fine in win7 ult 64 with SP1 RC with Creator 2011 Pro already installed/updated. I used Wondershare Time Freeze [it writes everything to a virtual disk instead of the hard drive] just so I could see if it was feasible, & it seems so, playing both DVD & BD video fine, but then I re-booted, abandoning any potential changes to the drive & that was that -- never went any further. Since the 2011 BD plug-in does work [now that I know how], while I may feel badly not checking out the 2010 plug-in beforehand, personally I wouldn't feel right asking for my money back so I might as well use it. OTOH maybe that info will do someone else some good if they wanted to investigate further.


Thanks again to everyone.

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