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Easy Cd Creator 4 / Directcd 3 And Windows Xp


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Good evening,


I have some CDs recorded with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 / DirectCD 3 from the time my PC ran on Windows ME which now are seen as blank CDs but with 0 free space. Probably these CDs were recorded with DirectCD 3 and were not finalized because I used to use them as backup media and only finalized them when they where almost full.


Do you know any method I can use to regain acess to the files that are not recognised by the same LG CD-R/RW reader/writer I bought back then and used to burn them with the Adaptec software I try to install now but Windows XP rejects? I have tried to install a UDF Reader and also access the CDs via MSDOS with the Startup Disk from Windows ME with no success in both cases.


I wonder what if I tried to find and install an old version of the first Easy CD Creator compatible with Windows XP (ECDC 5? ECDC 6?) and finalize the CDs with its built-in DirectCD version also compatible with Windows XP?

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You could try CDRoller or isobuster and see if those help (the trial versions will let you see if it can read the files before you buy it)


Unfortunately ECD4 is not compatible with XP so it won't work


So you think my idea to install say Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 (which I think is compatible with Win XP) is a nonsense because the UDF Reader version on it (if it has one) may not still recognize the unfinished CDs, is that correct?

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ECD 6 probably won'e be able to read them either - that's why I recommended the two apps - the trial versions will let you know if the files can be read and recovered (recovery itself does require the full version).


OK, thank you. I'm going to try one of those apps you've recommended.

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