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General Conversion Of Vhs To Dvd



I am just starting to use this software to transfer many of my home VHS movies to DVD. I have some questions. If there is a place I can look these up, please let me know.

1. On maximum quality, how much time can you get on one DVD? About an hour?

2. I have tapes that have over 3 hour of content, what ia the best way to stop the DVD burn and stop the tape at the same time so I don't have to search around for where the DVD ende and where that is on the VHS tape?

3. Are there DVDs that hold more content that could hold 3-4 hours?



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First, thanks so much for your help!!!

OK, I want the best copy quality, so I can figure an hour per DVD.

So I was thinking I could use an hour timer wall plug adapter to shut off the power to the VCR after an hour. That way I would know exactly where I stopped recording on the VHS tape. Is that my easiest solution to avoid sitting and watching it?


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Your kidding, right??? :o


Record Edit & Save


Save file, then trim it to about 1 hour and Burn a disc.


Load original File and Trim it from the beginning to the Trim point and burn another disc.


Buy a disc or 2 of DVD RW media and play around with this. (they are erasable and perfect for learning and experimenting)

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Here is a table on DVD’s & Size:



HQ = 1:06

SP = 1:37

LP = 2:22

ELP = 3:04


8.5 Gb:

HQ = 2:00

SP = 2:57

LP = 4:19

ELP = 5:35


However, you are only starting with the quality of a VHS Tape and it will not suffer being degraded very well :(


I NEVER set mine to anything but HQ!


If you get yourself a disc or 2 of DVD RW media, you can try the same capture file at various outputs and see for yourself.

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