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Toast It Contextual Menu Item



I just purchased Toast Titanium 10 yesterday, installed it, and explicitly told it not to install the contextual menu items. However, they've been put there anyway. I've looked here and on Apple's support forums, and every single thread says the same thing. There's a "Contextual Menu Items" folder in your user's library folder and it's there. There's nothing in that folder on my machine or in /library or /system/library. Since it shows up in the services menu I thought that it might be installed as a service. I look in all the services folders and it's nowhere in any of them. The only way I can make this menu item go away is to uncheck it in the Services Preferences. However, that still means there's some file I didn't knowingly give permission to be installed on my computer somewhere. Where is it?


I've never had Toast on this machine prior to yesterday, so it's not from a prior install.

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~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/ToastIt.plugin

takes care of both “Toast It” and “Mount It” contextual menu items.


The third party contextual menu items provide extra options when you right-click or control-click a file in the Finder. “Services” is unrelated to this.


If I (re)move that file from that folder and restart the Finder, then the contextual menu no longer lists “Toast It” for file selections or “Mount It” for disk image selections. When I put the file back again and restart the Finder, then these items appear again for control-clicking Finder selections.

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I said in my original post to this thread that it wasn't there, and that the "Toast It" menu item was in the services menu. Seeing as I saw it there I thought to go to the services preferences to check it out. I went to all the services folders to attempt to remove it from there, and it wasn't in any of them.


When I go to Application Menu -> Services -> Services Preferences "Toast It" is listed under Internet and "Mount It" is listed under Files and Folders. To get rid of them I can uncheck them, but the fact that they're there means there's files I didn't intentionally give Toast permission to install, and my question is where are these files?


Here's screenshots to prove I'm not tripping on acid:


  1. Context Menu with "Toast It" in the services menu:
    post-91491-015635900 1295205167.png
  2. Proof in Toast's preferences I didn't give it permission to put any contextual menu items in my computer:
    post-91491-014972900 1295205198.png
  3. Empty Contextual Menu Items Folder:
    post-91491-000845800 1295205179.png
  4. Services Preferences with "Toast It" and "Mount It" obviously there:
    post-91491-015999800 1295205191.png

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I finally found where it was.


To anyone stumbling upon this to try and find the answer and annoyed to all get out that Toast installs crap on your computer without your permission the Toast It service that no one seems to know anything about is in:




It takes care of both "Toast It" and "Mount It". Now to uninstall this crap and get my money back.

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