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Make Sure Creator Install Works Before Adding Cineplayer



If you bought the Blu-Ray playback plug-in [i.e. CinePlayer] you might want to hold off installing it until you're sure your Creator 2011 install is all working properly, that is if you think you might need/want to run install a 2nd time selecting Repair instead of doing an uninstall -> cleanup -> re-install. Installation is not quick [there's a lot there], & you'll find that towards the end of the process the repair looks for the correct CP.MSI file [not the one in the Creator 2011 install files], & in my experience stalls if/when you hit cancel. You can use Universal Extractor to expand the setup files for RoxioBlu-rayPlaybackPlug-In_J968CXD0C08.exe, giving you the correct CP.MSI, but it won't work for the December update which is password protected -- best you can do there is try to grab the setup files from the temp folder *while the update's running* & *before* it deletes them, which it does as soon as it completes. Best of course is not adding the player till you're sure you're done with everything else. ;-)

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