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About Potential Registry Problems Updating In Case It Helps



Purely FWIW, I've had problems updating other apps in win7 ult 64 because registry keys that needed changed/updated didn't have their permissions set so the installer could change/update them. If/when it's happened it can be a real PITA to track down, so after uninstalling Creator 2010 I opted to spend a few hours scouring the registry beforehand -- most likely a large measure of overkill, but after reading posts/threads of people who spent much more than those few hours unsuccessfully trying to get Creator 2011 installed & running, I decided it might be worth it. I'll never know if it saved me any time or not since everything went like it was supposed to. Alternatively if it's quick & easy for you to restore a backup disk/partition image you may want to see if you have problems installing/updating 1st -- personally I figured it would take an hour to restore, plus the ~3 hours I'd spend scouring the registry if needed, plus the time for a 2nd install if needed, so that morning I bit the bullet... on another day I might not have. Again FWIW, based on past experiences I wouldn't skip the backup step, nor will I try to install over a failed install/un-install as-is -- the original problem is still there, but compounded by everything, all the changes & additions un-install left behind.


With this sort of project [i.e. scouring the registry of Roxio & Sonic keys] I think you should always start with a disk partition image backup that you know how to restore before you uninstall anything. I like Paragon's apps, many prefer Acronis [the company that made your hard drive(s) may offer a free version], but however you do it you want an image of the files on your drive so it can be put back, not just a file backup. 2nd, in addition to Restore Points I like to do registry backups with ERUNT because they can be restored even if Windows won't start [read how in the doc before you need to]-- I'll do a registry backup before I start & then periodically during the process, so if I do screw up I don't have to go all the way back to the beginning. Then using Windows' Regedit [or whatever editor you like/use] I searched 1st for Roxio, then Sonic. The hits you get will often be for a reference to a Roxio or Sonic file or folder, but when I've had problems it was the permission for the key itself, most often in the CLSID heading under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, not that Roxio or Sonic file/folder entry. Using the keyboard helps -- F3 to Find Next, Tab if you need to get back to the left-hand column, the arrow key to move up to the key name, Delete to delete the key, Enter when it asks if you're sure. This is a simple example where I'd highlight/select -> delete "{025785D6-E680-4967-9F41-11512F366597}"...



@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Roxio 2010\\VideoCore 12\\RoxVideo.ax"



Important -- you don't want to get aggressive removing Roxio/Sonic keys from the registry if you're not going to immediately install Creator again. You will probably break things & the Creator install will put them back. Stay away from any Roxio/Sonic drivers, meaning only work with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -- you can & should delete Roxio & Sonic keys in the 2 Software sections [under Current User & Local Machine] but outside of that root section that's about it.

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Be VERY careful editing Sonic/Roxio entries in the registry. The relevant ones are listed in the 'clean install' post


The reason - Sonic provide the built-in writing software for Windows and over-zealous removal will wreck your OS

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