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Newbie Toast Questions



Long time Mac user, but new to Toast. Just bought Toast Titanium 10 the other day. Spent today trying to burn a DVD.


First issue, after loading in 5 MPEG-2 videos, and then editing them to remove parts not desired to be burned, Toast "unexpected quit", so unfortunately I had to go through the process of editing each video again. Why? I had not only "saved" them in Toast Video Player, but the windows in Toast Video Player were still open (it had not crashed)!! Serious Fail here.


Next, after getting all the videos edited again in Toast and being told that they would fit with room to spare on the blank DVD, I clicked on the Big Red Button and got the burning going. Then after more than an hour, Toast informed me that there was not enough space on the DVD and so it aborted the burn! But not before it had named the DVD, so that now if I copy fewer items to it, the title will be wrong.


What the hell, Toast? Not off to a stellar start for a $100 application, if you ask me.


Am I doing something wrong?





If it matters, I use a G5 Mac Tower and have MacOS 10.5.8

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Sorry about the difficulties. Click the More button in the Video window and then click Encoding in the window that appears. You are now in the custom encoder settings window. Next to Re-encode choose Never. Now close the window. Toast should now simply multiplex your MPEG 2 videos rather than re-encoding them. That will save a lot of time and not change the required space.


Rather than clicking the burn button I recommend choosing Save as Disc Image. That way you don't waste a disc if anything goes wrong in Toast's processing. When the disc image is done you can burn it to disc using the Image File setting in the Copy window. Also, if this is a video DVD disc image that is too large to fit a single-layer disc, Toast will do it's fit-to-DVD compression when you click the burn button.

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