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I Give Up On Install



Sadly, after years and years with Roxio and Sonic, I have decided to abandon Creator 2011 and move along.


I recently "upgraded" my computer to Windows 7 64bit and 3TB of internal storage. As I'm sure you know, there is no upgrade from XP, so it's a matter of a clean HDD and starting from scratch.


I was plesaed to find out that all my other applications, including Adobe CS/4 Suite, installed and ran perfectly the first time. Except, of course, for Creator 2011. Which bombed so badly that I couldn't restart my computer without going back to a restore point before the installation. What a disaster.


Tech support was being very helpful, asking me for the diagnostics info from Windows to determine where and how it failed. But, sadly, I've been doing "clean uninstalls" of Roxion products for too many years, and have finally run out of patience.


Here is the message I left for Creative support:


Thanks for your help, but I have decided to abandon Roxio Creator 2011.


I've been a customer of Roxio and Sonic for many, many years. But, to be honest with you, I've just had my fill of endless installation and execution problems requiring constant "clean uninstalls" and reinstalls.


In Creator 2010, I could never get DVD authoring working. The menus were hugely off-registration resulting in unusable DVDs. Nothing fixed this except keeping Creator 2009 and using its menus and templates in 2010. I couldn't use 2009 because, as many, many others reported, rendering and burning produced incessant errors and no results. So I created projects in 2009 and rendered them in 2010. Not a good solution.


I also used Videowave to produce a weekly slidehow with 170-200 slides and it was a nightmare, as well. Opening a project on a very fast computer with lots of RAM takes (literally) 10 MINUTES! Saving is even worse. Even after rendering output, the program just sits there locked up for ten minutes. Not a clue as to what it is doing.


This is not the way to build software, my friends.


So, with much regret, I am now using Pinnacle 14 Ultimate to author DVDs, Pro Show Gold for gorgeous, much-more-advanced slide shows, AVS for burning CDs, XXXXXX for copying DVDs.


Thus, I have no reason to go through yet another endless attempt to cleanly install another Roxio product.


If you ever do, again, produce a reliable cleanly installing/uninstalling suite that actually works, please let me know.



Edited to delete the name of the pirating software.

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Hi Alan -


I'm sorry the software didn't meet your expectations.


After reviewing your ticket, it seems you were so frustrated, you didn't even try troubleshooting the installation issues with our agent especially after using Creator successfully for so many years and owning Creator 2011 since August of last year.


I'll send in a request for you to get a complete refund for your purchase.



Roxio Customer Care

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