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Creating Menus To Burn A Dvd



Editing menus

I want to reccord 17 videos on a DVD. I have selcted the suitable menu picture and started to add the tiltles of the videos.

When I try to enter the 4th titles I have a pop up display that says menu is full go to the next menu

This means when I look at the reccorded videos on my TV set I have only 3 titles visibles per menu

I woukld prefer to have at least 6 tiltles per menu so you dont need to select next and next menu to look for a specific title

of the video you want to see

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You're limited by the menu style you choose in MyDVD. I was just looking through it, and the "Road Trip" menu style allows 6 chapters per sub-menu, if that helps. It appears the most of the others only allow 4, as you noticed.


Hope that helps.


Nevermind... you said movies, I read chapters.


The Road Trip menu style does allow 5 movies before saying it's full.

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17 videos ! :blink: How long in time are you trying to put onto the disc? Remember no more than 60 minutes of video on a single layer DVD without having quality degraded.


You can typically add one or two more per menu page depending on the type of button you want to add. The button area is a lot larger than what you see so you need to make sure that the buttons don't overlap.


Also as above, select a menu that shows the most buttons and then modify it for your needs. Watch this (link) from an earlier version.

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