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Multi-Disc Data Dvd Burning



Hey all

I've been lurking for a few days now but I couldn't find the answer to my question then I had another one so I decided to register..

Question 1:

I'm trying to backup my music libraby using dual layer dvds. My problem is my computer keeps crashing in the middle of the project. I have a rcl file saved for my project but I cant figure out how to start on disk 8, for example. or if this is even possible.

Question 2:

I thought well, I'll just burn iso images of the first 7 and then burn only the ones i still need. BUT I cannot select burn iso img as an option...

HELP! I'm running out of dvds...which are not so cheap

specifics: Roxio Creator Classic on an alienware m15x running windows 7...

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First, an "rcl" file is only a Creator Classic Project file... It is a series of notes and does not contain a single note of music or bit of data :huh:


An ISO file would be an image of all the files you have in your project and would be on massive file (64 GB) not each disc.


Once you start burning a multi-disc project, you are committed! You burn all discs or start again from scratch…


You cannot go back and burn just 1 disc. I did find a trick using an RW but since no one has ever offered a DVD DL RW disc, that is of no use here…


I am not a fan of multi disc backups. I have seen far more horror stories about them than success stories :o I have had failures with my own experiments too...


You have a lot of info there and I would suggest using an external HDD to save them on. If some are irreplaceable, I would use 2 external HDD’s or a combination of DVD’s plus that HDD.

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If you try to use Recovery.exe (auto start) it will most likely fail… It will have a complete listing of the “project files” but can’t recover what isn’t there…


You may be able to use it to recover items up to and including Disc 8.


Try it and see???


If you didn’t choose Encryption or Compression, you should be able to copy files from the discs to your HDD except for 6 of them… Those would be the ones that are split between discs and they may or may not exist…


Again, try it and see ;)


Let us know how it works out, I am curious since I have not worked with it years :P

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