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16:9 Vs 4:3



I am using Roxio media import to capture video from a Hauppage video card.

the video displays properly on the capture screen. However, when I preview from the media import screen, or play back using any app, it plays back as 4:3

Video not captured using media import plays back properly as 16:9. It appears to have actually captured as 4:3 not the 16:9 I was previewing. I can't seem to find 16:9 or 4:3 in the capture settings.


Any suggestions?

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OK I got the capture fixed by turning off the hardware acceleration. for some reason that made a difference.

I use the Roxio software to capture because it allows me to adjust brightness and hauppage doesn't.

Still have an issue with the slowness of VideoWave. It's not a 32 bit issue, when I say slow i mean it is unusable. and the audio goes out of sync when I cut out segments ie commercials.

I will move that question to the appropriate group. Thanks for your help.

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it is digital, the signal is definately coming in correctly at 16:9

I think it might be a driver or codec issue. i attempted to remove commercials using Videowave and it was almost unusable. attempting to navigate through the video would take forever, it was so slow. I couldn't just grab the bar and drag to the screen I wanted. Occassionally the audio would also go out of sync with the video. I'm using 16 gigs of RAM and an I7 chip, I don't think the issue is in the PC's ability to process it. All my drivers are up to date.

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Didn't know that Media Import supported digital TV signals. You may need to use the software that came with the Hauppauge card to capture digital TV. I have a sample TV file from a Hauppauge card captured using their software and it works fine.


As for performance, you shouldn't have editing issues with an i7. Even though you are running 64bit windows with 16GB RAM, 32bit applications can not take advantage of it. So that doesn't really help performance. Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space and keep the drive(s) defragged.

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