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Producing Avchd Files



I'm using RCPro 2010. I've been producing Blu-Ray enabled disks on ordinary DVD+RW for a short while, thanks to some people who described how to do this without Blu-Ray burner and BR disks. The quality output is amazing compared the 720x480 dvd standard.


I've been experimenting with various export options (as far as video file quality). My bottom line is how good does my finished product look on my HDTV. I have a 5 yr. old Samsung 720p DLP. According to what I've read, producing video of higher quality than the tv's highest res. is a waste. I beg to differ.


Anyway, I have found what I believe is the 1080p res. looks noticebly better on tv than if I created in 720p, like my tv's highest.


My confusion and question (and I believe it's a good confusion) is when I export/produce in the catagoty of "Video File Quality", I've used " AVCHD 1920 x 1080i " that I get a great final product. I also found to my amazement that when I chose " Blu-ray AVC HQ " the final product quality is even better! The better final product blu-ray avc hq which the screen tells me is 1080 progressive is about 1.4 MB in size, yet the lower quality 1080i produces a file of 16 MB (of course I'm using the exact same files for my testing). The 1080p also renders much faster than the 1080i.


Does anyone know why the highest file quality has the smallest end product size?


Thanks, Bill

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