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Window Too Big



roxio easy VHS to DVD software window too tall and can not be resized so that all controls are viewable. I clicked on the Maximize button and the Restore button, but I can not grab edges of window to resize it. Is there a way to make the whole window visible so that I can use the program?

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Answer found at:




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My screen resolution was fine, but I had my FONT set too big. I put it back to the tiny little default of 96 and now I can see it all fine. I just have to put my face within a foot of the monitor. Maybe if I had a 20" or larger monitor it would be better...? :-P


Windows Vista


1. Right click on your Desktop and choose Personalize.

2. Click Display Settings.

3. For Resolution, drag the slider until it says 1024 x 768 or higher.

4. Click the Apply, and then the OK button.

5. Go back to the Personalize window.

6. Click Adjust font size (DPI) on the left.

7. Make sure that the Default scale (96 DPI) – fit more information) option is selected.

8. Click Apply (if necessary), and then OK.

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