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Burning "rw"



I searched the forum but cannot find the answer. Can Toast 10 burn CD and DVD "RW"'s?


Is there another less expensive software that will burn "RW"'s on a MAC?


Please E-mail with a reply as I need to know soon.





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I'll post a reply here rather than emailing. Toast can write to and erase RW discs. However, if you are hoping to use those discs like small hard drives where you incrementally add and erase content, that doesn't work on a Mac. First, DVD-RW (or DVD+RW) discs cannot be written to incrementally. They have to be erased between each new write. You can write to CD-RW discs incrementally (called writing sessions) but each session appears as its own disc when it appears in the Finder. If you write 5 sessions you'll have 5 mounted discs containing only what is in each session. There's a way around this by burning in the ISO 9660 format rather than in the Mac format so it appears as a single disc icon. But you still can only add content to each session as new files.


If you're wanting to use the RW media like a mini hard drive then you're much better off getting a 4 GB USB flash drive. When it gets full its content can be copied to an DVD disc in one session.


As for less expensive software, Apple includes Disk Utility which also can burn to RW media.


Also, be sure to check Apple System Profiler to be certain your drive supports writing to RW media.

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