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Fehler Eyetv Mit Toast Brennen, Ergebniscode=-39



wenn ich einen mit EyTV Vers. 3.5 aufgenommenen film via toast 10.0.8 brennen will kommt jedesmal die meldung "die disc konnte nicht aufgenommen werden, weil der fehler aufgetreten ist. ergebniscode = -39"


kennt jemand die ursache?




Whenever I try to burn a movie with Toast 10.0.8, recorded with EyeTV Vers. 3.5, I am getting the error-message: "disc could not be recorded, as an error occured, errorcode=-39"


does anybody know the reason ?

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I don't know why, but a workaround is to select export from within EyeTV and choose MPEG Program Stream as the format. Then use that exported video in Toast.


Thanks for your answer, its working, as you suggested: Export movie as MPEG Program stream, burn the exported file with Tost.


But a Question to the ROXIO Team: What does Error-Code -39 mean, where can I find a Description for those Toast Error-Codes ?

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